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Sunshine in March

Hula on the Third Place Commons stage
Hula on the Third Place Commons stage

At Third Place Commons, we celebrate the seasons with special performances.  Every year around this time, when we are all really ready for a long, tropical vacation, we bring the sunshine to the Commons, courtesy of Krista Espiritu and Hula O Lehualani.

Krista’s philosophy embodies the qualities of welcoming inclusion – the Aloha – we strive for every day in the Commons.  Krista describes her school, or halau:

I believe in sharing hula with everyone interested, from all ethnic origins, without bias . . .  It is the kuleana/responsibility of our generation to perpetuate the treasures that have been passed down to us from those who have come before us.

 We are an inclusive halau with emphasis put on aloha/love, respect/ho’ihi and humility/ha’a ha’a towards the practice of hula and Polynesian dance. It is with this intent that we can create positive energies for one another and for the world we live in.

Please join us on Saturday, March 2 at 2 pm for a sunny blast of positive energy on the Commons stage.  And be sure to check out Hula O Lehualini’s website.HOLLogo