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Host an Event

We welcome a wide variety of local nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and small businesses to bring free public events to our stage and our space. These include community fairs, local meet-ups, music and dance performances, informational lectures, and more.

Support from trained event staff and access to our Third Place Commons facilities are provided to community partners at no charge as part of our commitment to fostering real community in real space.

Facilities include:

  • Stage (limited space in wings)
  • Amplified sound system (microphones, monitors)
  • Basic lighting rig that can be preset for program (but does not support active lighting cues during shows)
  • Upright piano onstage (only for use during approved performances – absolutely no walk-up use)
  • Drop-down screen and rear projector that can be connected to presenter laptop
  • Carpet onstage for music; removable for dance events
  • Mobile audience seating that can be placed in various configurations on dance floor depending on program

Please Note: Our stage has limited space in the wings and no backstage area or green room. Public restrooms are available next to the Commons, but we are unable to provide dressing room space. The mid-stage curtain can be closed for some performances, providing partial privacy and storage in the upstage area.

We do have a few guidelines that provide a useful starting place to determine whether Third Place Commons will be a good fit for your program.

Program restrictions include:

  • All events must be free and completely open to the public.
  • Absolutely no private events or space reservations are possible in the Commons. (Click here for information about the Stadler Room.)
  • No sales, marketing, or class fees. (Email sign-ups and distributing information about your business or organization are okay.)
  • No fundraising by any outside group or organization.
  • No partisan political activity permitted. This includes issues-based advocacy on specific ballot measures or upcoming elections.
  • No programming or meetings of an explicitly religious or proselytizing nature.

If you’d like to host a free public event or performance at Third Place Commons, we’d love to talk to you! Email [email protected] to start the conversation.

Although it’s rare, Third Place Commons reserves the right to decline any event or group that we determine is not in keeping with our policies or the spirit or intention of our community space.

If you are looking to reserve a space for private gatherings, visit our Stadler Meeting Room page.