Vendors & Pre-Orders

Below was the line-up for the Thanksgiving Farmers Market and Holiday Crafts Fair on Sunday, November 21st from 10 AM – 2 PM. The line-up for the December 19th market will be similar and will be posted soon. Vendors are still being added and this list will be updated as they are confirmed.

Alvarez Organic Farms

Amantikir Coffee

The Bailey Creative Co.

Bautista Farm

Ca Brille Jewelry

Darcy’s All Natural Soaps and Products

Dennis Cant Metal Art

Embroidery and More

Everything Elderberry

Fotografia Artistica

Garden Treasures

Greenwood Cider

Je Ne Sais Cluck

La Pasta

Lake Washington Candle Company

Lopez Vineyards

M Jewelry

Pete’s Toffee

Pink Polka Dots

Rainier Salsa

Rockabella Bags

Second Stitch Clothing

Sidhu Farms

Smith Brothers Farms

Studio Sardine

T.M. Originals

Well Fed Farms

Wilson Fish

The 2022 season will run every Sunday, 10 AM to 2 PM, from May 8th to October 16th.

The information below reflects the previous vendor line-up for the start of the 2021 season. The list will be updated in Spring for the 2022 season. Please note that vendor lists are always subject to change, some vendor participation will vary week to week (especially early and late in the season), and some vendors may alternate weeks at the market.


Many vendors will be offering pre-orders at the market in order to shorten shopper time at the market. This list will be updated with vendor pre-order information as it becomes available.

Below is a tentative list of vendors who will be participating this year.

Alvarez Organic Farms (organic row crops) – Pre-orders (by Thursday midnight):

Bautista Farm (row crops)

Beekeepers Secret (honey) – Pre-orders: Email to order to: [email protected]

Cascade Valley Farm (formerly known as Rainier Salsa)

Cedar Spring Farm Jams & jellies (small batch jams with pepper jams) – Pre-orders:
-attending twice per month

Cha New Life Garden (row crops/ flowers) – Pre-orders: Email order to [email protected] and pay at market

Collins Family Orchard (starting June 6)

Doll House Baked Goods – Pre-orders: 

EF Produce

Everything Elderberry

Garden Treasures (organic row crops) – Pre-orders:

Greenwood Cider (hard cider) – Pre-orders:

Gypsy Rows (tentatively starting June 20)

Hayton Farms (berries) (tentatively starting May 30)

Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards

La Pasta LLC (pasta and sauces)

Lopez Island Vineyards – Pre-orders:

Long Farm (formerly Sua Yang, flowers)

Maika’s Garden (flowers)

Martin Family Orchard (orchard fruit)

The Mediterranean

Mollie Bear Farm (lamb and chicken) – Pre-orders:
attends every other week

Patty Pan (frozen tamales) – Pre-orders:

Pop’s Kettle Corn

RP Guerrero Orchard (starting June 20)

Seattle Pops

Shen Zen Tea (kombucha and teas)

Sidhu Farms (tomato plants/ frozen berries) – Pre-orders: Find square order form on

Simpatico Foods – attending occasionally

Tin Dog Brewery

Well Fed Farm (row crops, pork, chicken, eggs)

Whitehorse Meadows Farm (organic blueberries) (tentatively starting July 11)

Wilson Fish Markets (fresh and smoked salmon, fish) – Pre-orders:

Yang L. Lao & Angeng Chang Garden (flowers)

Yeng Gardens (flowers) – Pre-orders:

Additional Garden Artists (will fill in at start and end of season):

Dennis Cant Metal Art
Finches & Friends (metal birds for garden)
Forest Green Enterprises (concrete art)
Metalwings Studio (enamel birds)
Lady Belle Creations (stepping stones)

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