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A good time was had by all

Breakfast 2013, courtesy of Shoreline Area News
Breakfast 2013, courtesy of Shoreline Area News

Who in the world would show up at Third Place Commons at 7 am for a Valentine’s Day Breakfast?  Nearly 300 of our supporters thought it would be a great way to start the day and show support for their favorite place.

The morning started with music by local treasures, The Milner Family Fiddles.  Emcee Allen Schauffler once again proved to be the host with the most.  Our honorees, the Commons Creatives, showed up in large numbers, and shared some of the artwork created in the Commons.  Jim Kelly, Executive Director of 4Culture, reminded us of the importance of Third Places, and we all learned that he started his career doing dinner theater.  Breakfast theater comes naturally for Jim, as it does for singer Dale Cummings, who invoked the spirit of the day with a love song written by Scottish poet Robert Burns.

This was, of course, a fundraiser for Third Place Commons.  Support for the Breakfast comes from many quarters.  We are grateful for every individual contribution, and to the businesses that donated items for our auction.  Please take a look at a list of our sponsors, the wonderful folks who step up for us year after year.  Please let them know how much you appreciate their support of Third Place Commons and the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market.

And if you missed the Breakfast, mark your calendar for the next one: Thursday, February 13, 2014.  It’s early, but so much fun!

Lonna Calas and Ann Corbett share their handcrafted goodies
Commons Creatives Lonna Calas and Ann Corbett share their handcrafted goodies; photo courtesy of Shoreline Area News