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Green Gardening with Master Gardener Julie Yasny on June 19th

Merge your love of the planet with your love of gardening in this informative session!

This coming Saturday, June 19th at 11 AM, Third Place Commons is proud to present “Green Gardening with Master Gardener Julie Yasny.”

Register now to join this free, Zoom program in which Yasny will field your questions and share tips and tricks for keeping your garden beautiful through environmentally friendly practices.

Register here for “Green Gardening with Master Gardener Julie Yasny.”

This program is part two in our three-part “Going Green” series, which grew out of the Climate Town Hall this past April.

You’ll also want to mark your calendar and sign-up today for the third and final part in the series, “Keep the Cycle Turning: How to be a Savvy Recycler, presented by Republic Services Recycling Coordinator, Natalie Caulkins.

Caulkins presented during the Climate Town Hall and also hosted a breakout room during the group conversations, and both sessions were packed with folks eager to learn more about recycling properly. What can and can’t actually be recycled? Does it actually matter if your recyclables are “empty, clean, and dry”? Are you guilty of “wish-cycling” and what impact does that have?

Well-intentioned recyclers make a lot of costly mistakes. But we can help ensure that more things are successfully recycled when we better understand what can and can’t be recycled – and why.

So make a plan to join the conversation on June 30th at 7 PM. Register here to “Keep the Cycle Turning: How to be a Savvy Recycler.”

And, while you’re busy thinking and living green, don’t forget to drop by the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market to shop for fresh, local, minimally processed, and organic produce, meat, fish, eggs, and much, more. Eating local and farm to table is a great way eat clean and reduce the carbon footprint of your food.

The LFP Farmers Market is open every Sunday, 10 AM to 2 PM.

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