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What’s Age Got to Do with It? Find Out March 20th!

“You look good for your age.” “You’re too young to understand.”

Third Place Commons invites you to join in an interactive conversation entitled “What’s Age Got to Do with It?” about aging, ageism, and how we can embrace our age in every stage of life.

This free event will take place via Zoom on Saturday, March 20th at 1 PM.

In employment decisions, family discussions, medical care, and even in birthday cards, assumptions about being “over the hill” or “a lazy kid” are common. What do you wish society would stop saying about your generation? How can we talk about age and aging in a more positive, affirming way? In this interactive and fun talk, Dori Gillam welcomes individuals from every generation to explore how we can begin valuing all ages—including our own.

REGISTER HERE for ‘What’s Age Got to Do with It?”

About the Speaker: Dori Gillam has researched and spoken on ageism and aging for over 30 years. Her past roles include community organizer, trainer, and speaker for AARP and the King County Library System. She holds a BS in educational psychology and a teaching certificate for secondary education. Gillam is the board chair for the Northwest Center for Creative Aging, writes for 3rd Act Magazine, and is a charter member of Age Friendly Seattle.