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A New Director at the Commons!

Lorie HoffmanThe Friends of Third Place Commons is pleased to announce the hiring of Lorie Hoffman as the new Executive Director.

As the former Marketing Manager for the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council and a gallery manager in Montana, Hoffman brings considerable organizational skills to this position. She is also a working printmaker with an outstanding command of technology and graphic design. She has been described as energetic, creative, and collaborative, with the ability to inspire others as catalysts for growth and change.

Third Place Commons at the Lake Forest Park Town Center is a vibrant, safe, welcoming space open to everyone. The Friends of TPC is the non-profit organization that schedules and facilitates all of the community events that happen there. Last year there were more than 900!

Third Place Commons boardmembers are excited to embark on this next phase in the life of our wonderful community space. Hoffman will begin work on October 5. Please say hello if you see her next time you are in the Commons.