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Lake Forest Park Climate Town Hall 2022

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for the 2nd Annual Lake Forest Park Community Town Hall on Building Climate Resiliency.

It was a wonderful event with a large and engaged community committed to making positive change for our climate and achieving our ambitious climate targets. To learn more and inform your next steps, we have assembled a variety of resources for you.


We have posted a video of the full main room program on our YouTube Channel for you to revisit as desired and to share with others. Find the Third Place Commons YouTube Channel here. 

In addition, you will find several videos of different sessions from our first Climate Town Hall in 2021, as well as from several other programs in our Going Green series. for additional insight on a variety of climate related topics.


Slide presentation from home weatherization breakout session.
Home Weatherization Slideshow-Final

Seattle Times Article: Giant landfill in tiny Washington hamlet turns trash to natural gas, as utilities fight for a future

Join us for the 2nd annual Lake Forest Park Community Town Hall on Building Climate Resiliency. The program will feature speakers and breakout sessions focusing on what you can do for yourself, your neighbors and your community on climate.
Listen, learn, and act to fight climate anxiety!
Drop in and out of sessions as your schedule allows. There will be full group presentations and breakout discussions with new sessions beginning each hour.


Presented in partnership with the Task Force on Climate Resiliency.

Program Schedule

10:00     Opening, Brian Saunders (Emcee)
              Welcome, Lake Forest Park Mayor Jeff Johnson

10: 15     State Rep. Davina Duerr, District 1: Update on Climate Action in 2022 Legislative Session

10:30     Sarah Jaquette Ray: Harnessing Climate Anxiety for a Better Planet

11:00     Heather Price: Climate and Community

11:30     Youth Panel

  • Moderator: Lake Forest Park City Councilmember Tracy Furutani
  • Panelist: Anna Cote
  • Panelist: Elise Foote
  • Panelist: Noah Singleton
  • Panelist: Bella Tancreti

12:00     Break: Climate Conversations

12:20 – 1:00     Breakout Session 1 – Choose your own room/topic

  • e-bike Technology & Climate Solutions – Gordon Smith, co-owner of Amped Adventure
  • e-vehicles Working toward Gas Free Vehicles – Carlos Manzanedo & Erick Frederick, Coltura
  • How to Talk to Your Friends and Neighbors About Recycling – Natalie Caulkins, Republic Services
  • Home Weatherization – Adam Wilson, Energy Savers Inc
  • Forest Stewardship – Judy MacCully, North City Park, forest steward
  • Reading Through the Climate Crisis – Katelynn Tefft, assistant manager of Third Place Books

1:00 – 1:40     Breakout Session 2 – Choose your own room/topic

  • e-bike Technology & Climate Solutions – Gordon Smith, co-owner of Amped Adventure
  • e-vehicles Working toward Gas Free Vehicles – Carlos Manzanedo & Erick Frederick, Coltura
  • How to Talk to Your Friends and Neighbors About Recycling – Natalie Caulkins, Republic Services
  • Home Weatherization – Adam Wilson, Energy Savers Inc
  • Forest Stewardship – Judy MacCully, North City Park, forest steward
  • Reading Through the Climate Crisis – Katelynn Tefft, assistant manager of Third Place Books

1:40     Wrap-up

Speaker Bios

Brian Saunders, Emcee
Brian Saunders is a lifelong LFPer. He received his BS in Biology and MS in Marine-Estuarine Sciences at Western Washington University. His emphasis focused on the intertidal ecosystem and the adaptations of marine invertebrates. He is a strong advocate for conservation and preservation of sensitive habitats, especially in and around the Salish Sea. Brian has been an instructor at Shoreline and North Seattle College since 1996. He has taught Biology for non-majors, Cell Biology, Botany, Zoology, Environmental Science, Oceanography and Marine Biology. Brian and his wife Ellyn have twins attending Shorecrest High School. Those who have been to Stewardship Foundation fundraisers, or the (in)famous 182nd Street Party, may know Brian’s alter ego as a member of the band Padres of the Park.

Davina Williams Duerr, Update on Climate Action in 2022 Legislative Session
Representative Williams Duerr is an American politician and architect with a minor in environmental geography. In 2019, she was appointed, to serve as a member of the Washington State House of Representatives for district one. Prior to being elected to her current position, she also served on the Bothell City Council for three years. She is a member of the Democratic Party.



Sarah Jaquette Ray, Harnessing Climate Anxiety for a Better Planet
Dr. Jaquette Ray is chair of the Environmental Studies Department at Cal Poly Humboldt in Arcata, CA, on Wiyot land. Her recent book, A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet (California, 2020), explores the role of emotions in climate justice activism and is an existential toolkit for the climate generation. Her writing on the topic of emotions in the climate justice movement has been published in the LA Times, Scientific American, The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Edge Effects, and Zocalo Public Square. She speaks and is interviewed extensively on this topic for news outlets, podcasts, and mental health research. In addition to pursuing certification as a mindfulness teacher through UCLA”s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, Dr. Ray is currently working on an edited book collection, An Existential Toolkit for Climate Justice Educators and a professional development workshop for higher education, the Climate Wisdom Lab.

Dr. Heather Price, Climate and Community
Dr. Price is a University of Washington climate scientist professor and a climate justice activist, chemistry professor and researcher. She earned her PhD in chemistry and conducted her postdoctoral research with the UW Program on Climate Change. Her current research focuses on improving undergraduate STEM education through the integration of climate justice, equity, and civic engagement across the college curriculum.

Dr. Tracy Furutani, Youth Panel Moderator
Tracy Furutani is a tenured science faculty member at North Seattle College, where he currently teaches about natural disasters and their social and economic impacts. He obtained his PhD in Geological Science at the University of Washington. He currently is a Lake Forest Park City Councilmember, and sits on the Board of Shorelake Arts, thinking about the next film he’s not going to make.



Gordon Smith, Electric-Bike Technology- a Climate Solution 
Gordon Smith is a co-owner of Amped Adventures, a Lake Forest Park e-bike shop.  He has a degree in environmental science and works with household solar installations in addition to his job at Amped Adventure.  Gordon is the father of three adopted children and lives in Shoreline.  Riding e-bikes is a great alternative to driving.  The electric assist makes the de-transition from car to bike easy and fun.


Erick Frederick, Electric Vehicles Working toward Gas Free Vehicles
Erick Frederick is the Treasurer for the Board of Directors for Coltura for a Gasoline-Free America. He is a finance analyst whose professional experience spans the energy, waste management, and e-commerce industries. He is passionate about sustainable living, hydroponic gardening, and how society can leverage technology to work in tandem with natural processes. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida.



Carlos Manzanedo, Electric Vehicles Working toward Gas Free Vehicles
Carlos Manzanedo is the President of the Board of Directors of Coltura for a Gasoline-Free America. He is a long time Seattle area resident. His professional experience as an electrical engineer and program manager working in the consumer electronics industry has helped foster passion for technology and the environment. He’s a big fan of electric vehicles, solar cells, and home automation. In his current role, he challenges teams to design products that are repairable and environmentally friendly. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois with bachelor and master’s degrees in engineering and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Natalie Caulkins, How to Talk to Your Friends and Neighbors about Recycling
Natalie Caulkins is the Recycling Coordinator with Republic Services. She provides education on recycling right, waste reduction, and waste diversion. From giving presentations to leading classroom games, Natalie unites her passion for environmental sustainability with her experience teaching English in Japan. She brings a deep awareness of other cultures from living in Morocco, Japan, and India and incorporates that knowledge in her outreach work. Before coming to Republic Services, Natalie worked at Kittitas County Solid Waste where she gained an appreciation for the challenges faced by local governments in the solid waste sector. She is an active member of the Recycle Right Consortium where she collaborates with other haulers and County staff to simplify and unify recycling guidelines. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Reed College where her thesis concerned plants and biodegradable plastics.

Adam Wilson, Home Weatherization
Adam Wilson is the operation manager for Energy Savers, Inc., a Seattle based company that provides Weatherization improvements for single-family and multi-family homes throughout Western Washington. Adam was born and raised in Washington State and hopes someday to retire somewhere warm and sunny. He is a certified Building Analyst from the Building Performance Institute and in his spare time, he likes to stay active and spend time with his partner and two daughters.

Judy MacCully, Forest Stewardship
Judy MacCully is a member of the Environmental Rotary Club of Puget Sound as well as part of a city-wide community-based stewardship program supporting long-term restoration and maintenance of Shoreline’s parks and natural areas. As a volunteer forest steward for Shoreline’s North City Park Judy is responsible for recruiting other community volunteers and leading forest restoration projects throughout this 4 acres forested park. Judy committed to this work a year ago along with her family.

During the afternoon workshop Judy will share the story of her growing interest in urban forests as well as information about The Green Shoreline Partnership which has the goal to restore 240 acres of Shoreline’s forested parks and natural areas by 2039.The Partnership works to improve the quality of life, connections to nature, and enhance forest benefits for Shoreline’s residents; galvanize an informed and active community of stewards; and ensure long-term sustainable future.

Katelynn Tefft, Reading Through the Climate Crisis
Katelynn Tefft is an assistant manager and nature enthusiast at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. After earning a B.A. in English-Creative Writing from Seattle University (which opened her eyes to the genre of environmental literature), she started shelving the nature and environmental studies sections in the bookstore.  Her TBR (To Be Read) pile and outlook on the natural world have been growing ever since!



Youth Panelists

Anna Cote – Bishop Blanchet High School – Junior
Anna participates in environmental volunteer work including: Youth Ocean Advocate at Seattle Aquarium in Summer of 2022, park clean-ups, and data collection for beach restorations during the summer. Anna is looking to study environmental science in college.


Elise Foot Puchalski – ORCA High School – Junior
Elise is a research scuba diver and a PADI dive ambassador completing junior year in high school at Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA). She has contributed to the Edmonds Underwater Park website and routinely participates in underwater cleanups in the Port of Edmonds. Elise deeply cares about our environment, especially in relation to the ocean, and strives to be a voice advocating for its health and importance to humans.



Noah Singleton – Shorecrest High School – Sophomore
Noah is a member of the Shorecrest Climate Justice Club. Working on the environment has been very important for him. Noah has been focusing on paper consumption at schools and the amount of waste produced, specifically carbon.



Isabella Tancreti – Shorecrest High School – Junior
Isabella (Bella), is the president and creator of the Shorecrest Climate Justice Club. She has been involved with the Sunrise movement as well as working on bringing voice and action to climate justice, organizing protests, and contacting elected officials to urge support of climate forward policy. Bella has been involved in leadership at Shorecrest since her freshman year and next year will be the ASB President elect. She has been a member of the LFP Climate Town Hall Steering Committee for 2 years and works tirelessly on mitigating our climate crisis as she realizes it is not something we can put off until tomorrow.