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Building Block #2 – Gathering Space

There are many factors that go into fostering a strong, vibrant community at any time, especially when rebuilding community that’s been fractured by the challenges of a global pandemic. So where do we start?

If building block #1 is Guiding Principles, then perhaps #2 would be an all-important gathering space.

Building Block #2: Gathering Space

For a community to grow strong, it needs the space in which to gather and build together.

At Third Place Commons, gathering space is core to what we do. Our Commons space is always open for friends and family to visit, eat, read, listen to music, or plan important community initiatives. We make our stage and space available to partners for no-cost programming so that our community can gather and engage through a wide range of live events when we can safely do so.

And, of course, we provide the space where our vendors and neighbors connect and support each other at the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market.

In addition, since the pandemic, we’ve also provided a virtual space where our community can gather safely while still staying connected through weekly and monthly groups and clubs as well as stand-alone special programs like city forums, go green programs, and Civic Saturdays.

How can you use the gathering spaces available to you to foster a stronger community?

Share your thoughts with friends, start a dialogue, and bring your ideas to the conversation for the Rebuilding Community event on March 5th.

Click here to get more information on the Rebuilding Community Annual Celebration and Fundraiser featuring the extraordinary Eric Liu as guest speaker.

And get your tickets here to show your support for this vital community space.