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Building Blocks 3 & 4: Civic Engagement & Getting Involved

With the Third Place Commons Rebuilding Community Annual Celebration and Fundraiser just around the corner on March 5th, two building blocks of community are taking center stage this week.

If Building Block #1 is a set of guiding principles, and Building Block #2 is gathering space, then Building Blocks #3 and #4 go hand in hand in fostering a solid foundation for a strong community.

Building Block #3: Civic Engagement

The strength of a community depends, in part, on folks plugging into the issues that shape their daily lives. From local city council meetings to federal legislation and elections, the voices of engaged citizens can and do transform communities in ways large and small. The greater the gathering of voices, the greater the transformation. Indeed, in a democratic society, those voices are the very foundation of our community.

Building Block #4: Getting Involved

Whether you want to change the world or just make new friends, getting involved is essential. The same is true if you’re joining groups of folks with common interests (like book or movie clubs or a foreign language group), participating in activities that amuse and entertain (like attending a live music performance), or attending civic events (like local city forums and Civic Saturdays) as an engaged citizen. Getting involved with your community is where the rubber meets the road.

This Saturday, February 26th at 10 AM, these two components fall into perfect harmony with Civic Saturday. Join in to connect with others in civic community and reflect on what it means to live as a citizen in today’s American society. Civic Saturday is a growing, nonpartisan, national initiative, with our gathering led by local Civic Saturday fellows Erika Olson and Caroline Sayre.

Meet one another, enjoy music, poetry, and readings, and talk informally in small groups. Register here for Civic Saturday.

By the way, Civic Saturday is an initiative of Citizen University, whose co-founder and CEO Eric Liu will be the featured speaker at Third Place Commons Rebuilding Community Celebration and Fundraiser on Saturday, March 5th.

You won’t want to miss hearing from this inspiring and acclaimed author, speaker, and thought leader. Get your Rebuilding Community tickets here.