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Take the Finally 21 Music Challenge today!

The Third Place Commons Finally 21 Online Party and Fundraiser is coming up on Saturday, March 6th, and our weekly scavenger hunt continues with Challenge #2.


Yes, we’re finally 21! And to celebrate our 21st birthday, we’ve got to have some great music. That’s where you come in! Think back to when you turned 21. Did you have a favorite song? Hunt down your favorite song, or one that topped the charts the year you turned 21. Send the song title and artist to [email protected] to add it to the Finally 21 Playlist.

We will share the Finally 21 Playlist in the lead-up to the big event to get you in the party spirit!

(Miss Challenge #1? Read about it here.)

Music has always been a big part of the programming at Third Place Commons, so naturally it’s got to be a big part of the Finally 21 Party. So be sure to join the festivities on March 6th to “return to the Commons” with music and dance from some Commons favorites.

Help raise vital funds to support Third Place Commons and the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market. Get your party passes here.

And don’t forget to mention your Party Room preferences! Early in the program, we’ll give you a chance to visit with friends and catch up, plus share the items you’ve scavenged in the weekly challenges. Want to hang out with anyone in particular during social time? Be sure to indicate who on the check-out page.

Or if you’re all talked out and would prefer to chill quietly while enjoying a few short videos, just request the “quiet room.” Whether you’re aching to chat with friends or just looking to relax, we are happy to accommodate. Either way, you’ll return to the festivities at the same time to enjoy the rest of the program with everyone else.

Questions? Email Christa Thielen at [email protected] for assistance.